Wednesday May 22

There is a correction for your BIPOLAR notes. Use the brief video below to summarize what bipolar disorder is. 

Friday May 17th

Notes through OCD due Monday 5/20 by the end of the period. 

Today is the last day to turn in any late work that is a "Z" in gradebook. 

Thursday May 16th

1) Complete any missing assignments that have a Z for full credit.

2) Complete any missing assignments that have a zero for 1/2 credit.

3) Complete the Is This Abnormal? survey from yesterday. (last day to get credit)


If you are complete the above, begin to work on Unit 12.

1) Create a Unit 12 pocket folder.

2). Set up your notebook for your Abnormal Notes found HERE

Wednesday May 15th

Sorry to miss class today. Please complete the following two assignments.

1. Please check your grades for this class. If you have a "Z" you can complete the assignment (leave your notebook for me to score). If you have a zero, that grade is final. You have until Friday 5/17 to complete any "z" assignments. 

2. Click HERE to complete today's survey and two short answer responses. Please make sure you complete the survey as you are getting credit for doing so. 

Thursday May 8th

After you have completed your case study analysis of Roger, complete the Myers-Briggs information sheet and then take the test HERE

Monday May 6th

Create Unit 10 Personality pocket folder.

SIGMUND FREUD ACTIVITY You may work with a partner but you must have the information in your notes individually.